bulletspaceMarch 1, 2011:

Shomrim ( is a volunteer organization in Tash that operates in concert with the local police. After many years of being harassed by local youth in the area, this organization was founded to attend to, and contain, incidents of delinquency and antisemitism that has, at times, terrorized the local hassidic population in Kiryas Tash.

bulletspaceMarch 14, 2010:

Received e-mail as follows:

2 Top Doctors from Colorado came today 2 Check Rabieny, say Rebbe's b.h. improving, Recovering Slowly still in ICU, still need lot tefilos

bulletspaceMarch 11, 2010:

The Tasher rebbe is currently hospitalized in Florida, having been diagnosed with pneumonia. I wish the rebbe a speedy recovery.

Up-dates on the rebbe's condition will be posted in a timely manner.

bulletspaceMarch 11, 2010:

ביטע אויפהענגען אין בתי מדרשינו די מודעה צעטל
אויך איז דא בייגעלייגט די "קבלה צעטל" וואס יעדער קען נוצען פאר זיך

ב"ה די מצב פון מרן רבינו שליט"א האט זיך שטארק פארבעסערט, אונזערע תפלות צוזאמען מיט די תפילת פון כלל ישראל טוהט אויף גרויסע זאכען לאמיר נישט נאכלאזען!

נעמט אייך אינטער א קבלה טובה!

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April 25th, 2006:
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Chanukeh 2005 - View Photos!

bulletspaceTwo notable weddings were recently celebrated in Tash:

On November 22, 2005, Yehuda (Yidel) Levy, son of the Rav of Tash, and grandson of the rebbe, married. The bride is from Satmar (Kiryas Yoel). The couple will reside in Tash.

On December 8, 2005, Raizy Katz, the daughter of the rebbe’s son-in-law, Reb Avrum Katz, of Monsey N.Y., married Mordechai David Unger. The groom’s father is a son of the Dombrover Rav, and his mother is a daughter of the Voideslover Rav.

Wedding of the Tasher rebbe's grandson (updated Nov. 6, 2005).
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Photos of the Tasher rebbe's recent (June, 2005) visit to his grandfather's grave in Hungary. A jet was chartered for the occassion. The rebbe was accompanied by followers from Quebec, New York, and Europe numbering approximately 600 persons. The rebbe and entourage also visited in London England. View Photos!